Our Team

Our well-educated team apply the latest educational methods by guiding children daily to new adventurous experiences and knowledge. For this reason, they systematically participate in training programs for their continuous updating on contemporary issues of pre-school education.

Believing deeply in the cooperation between parents and educators, we have applied daily feedback by sending individual notes for each child. Moreover, in order to maximize this exchange of information, this year, from the beginning of our school year, we are installing the use of a special electronic platform in order to keep our parents posted.

I studied to be a kindergarten teacher in Meinz, Germany, where I was born and raised, so German is actually my mother tongue. I went to a German school and I am a Grosses Deutshes Sprachdiplom owner.

I came back to Greece in 2000 and initially I worked in a big private school as a kindergarten teacher. In 2009, I decided to move on and make a bigger step, so I joined the team of Little Explorers as owner and German teacher. I am a mother of two boys, 5 and 3 years old, and apart from my academic background as a nursery teacher and my experience in the school, I have a lot of personal experience in teaching.

My choice to study to be a kindergarten teacher has always been a life dream for me, as I love children and one of my favorite things is to become a child myself while being around  them. I consider it the highest mission to create the appropriate, creative fundamentals for their upbringing and play a significant role in building their character.

I also consider my social and communicative skills to be my biggest assets, a fact that enables me to always build stable and profound relationships with parents and children.

I was born in Athens and became involved in Theatre at a very young age. After I graduated from Veaki Drama School in 1996, I participated professionally in many plays, with important artists such as Tenessee William’s “Rose Tattoo” with Yorgos Armenis, Vera Krouska, Stavros Paravas, and many others.

At the same time, I took part in several TV series and movie films, such as “Kavafis” by Ioannis Smaragdis.  Moreover, I got involved in Children’s Theatre, with Yannis Kalantzopoulos as director. I love theatrical game and the soul-opening effect it can offer to everyone, it provides a magical escapade that awakens the inner child we all carry inside.

At the same time, in the past 20 years I have been working as an English teacher in schools and kindergartens, making  good use of my academic degrees in English Language and Literature.

I also love martial arts, and I have been practicing Aikido since 1999. In 2005, I received my 1st Dan. In my spiritual path, I also got involved with Angelic Reiki, Pranic Healing,  and many alternative healing techniques.

I love children, I learn from them and their magic little world, in a perpetual journey of self-seeking and self-improvement.

I feel that we, grown ups, have something new to learn from them every single day. As Savvopoulos mentions, “How can we hide from little children? One way or another, they have it all figured out!”

I am a kindergarten graduate of the Department of Education and Education in Preschool Education (TEAPI) of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

As Pre-school Education structures are the first-after-family socialization, they are a starting point for all children on their way to acquiring knowledge and shaping their personality. So, working as a preschool educator means I’m aware of my potential role in the contribution of the all-round development – emotional, mental, psychosocial, social-of my pupils.

I work as a preschool educator means in principle that I take responsibility for each of my students individually, to work in a way that will help them acquire a positive self-image and faith in their strengths in order to form a free and strong personality. It means to take into account where each child comes from, which are their needs, desires, interests, inclinations. It means to accept every child as it is, to respect it, trust it, make it feel safe, give it opportunities – by using my scientific and pedagogical knowledge and using appropriate educational methods – to make the most of its potential . It means creating a democratic pedagogical climate of co-operation, making actions that unite children in pursuing common goals that promote solidarity, respect and acceptance. It means that I am guiding, facilitating and encouraging my students to draw on their experience and experience, to unfold their potential, to reflect on, to learn how to learn, to discover and to actively build their knowledge, to express themselves and to create. It means to infuse the belief that learning is a window in the world, as it offers them the ability to understand the natural and man-made environment in which they live, to offer them a perspective.

It is a blessing for me to wake up every morning and enter a classroom full of joyful little giggles. Having been a pre-school educator for the past 18 years, my experience and studies make me handle each child individually with special care, love, patience, with respect for their needs, and with the responsibility to strive to offer my knowledge and experience, aiming at the fullest development of their personality.

My first and foremost goal is to ensure their safety, warmth, and emotional peace, similarly to their home environment. I also wish to keep their interest alive in order for them to explore, discover, play and therefore learn in an active way. I love to enjoy and become proud of their attempts and successes, and also encourage them to overcome any obstacles or bad moments.

I am an Athens University Early Childhood Educator graduate. Ever since 2000, I have been offering my educative work in this school. I love to create an extraordinary environment of exploration in my class, where children, as little explorers, participate in the discovery and exploration of anything new, through observation, playing, and the guidance of their school teacher.

This way, children attempt daily to understand and unravel the mysteries of nature. They witness many pleasant experiences through gardening, recycling, experimenting with various materials, they process mathematical notions, they cultivate oral skills and also develop abilities in reading and writing, get in touch with all sorts of Art and also make their own artistic creations. We mainly use natural and recyclable materials, such as leaves, shells, beads, cups of bottles.

It is very important for children to understand their role in nature, to develop their love and interest for it and simultaneously  cultivate an environmental consciousness.

I was born in Athens and I am a pre-school and elementary school  instructor in Theatical Game and Play. Ever since I was little, I participated in young theatre groups, I received piano and classical dance lessons. My involvement in Art followed me through all my school years and my aim has always been to be able to promote communication through art.

Therefore, after graduating from Athens University, majoring in Media and Communication, I continued my studies in Theatre as an Educative System and Artistic Creation. I watched experiental workshops and seminars in theatrical play and tale narration, as well as seminars in Carl Orff music and body moving system. Lately, I have been professionally involved in instructing theatrical games for groups and schools.

My aim is the moral, aesthetic and emotional growth of our children , through their participation in theatrical games. Children get in touch-through theatre techniques- with Greek and foreign literature, poems, they express their feelings, they learn to respect and co-operate, they broaden their imagination and become sensitive to many social issues.

When presented appropriately, theatrical game leads children towards love for Theatre itself and, even further, to Art itself, which also contributes to forming individuals with an accomplished personality.

I was born in Athens in 1978 and started my studies in Music when I was 10 years old. I got my Piano and keyboard Degree with A and Merit, and moved on to higher studies in Piano, obtaining an A degree in Piano Solo and also a prize. I got two A degrees in Supreme Theory and Music Composition. At the same time, I have specialized  in Dalcrose and Orff music and body moving systems, I have watched seminars  on Special Education and Music Therapy and since 2002 I have been teaching music in kindergartens. I also participate in music groups, choruses, and perform concerts.

I am a graduate of TEI of Epirus, Department of Preschool Education. I followed this profession, as I love to look after the physical and mental health of children, to help and to contribute to their development.

It is a profession that needs responsibility because souls are developed. My first concern is to make them feel confident and enjoy the love in our team’s environment, so that they will be able to cultivate gradually their personality.

I enjoy communicating my knowledge through play, music and puppet theater. Everyday contact with children, fills me with optimism and serenity, as with them I feel also a child.

I am a childcare teacher and mom of a girl of 3 years.

My engagement with children is always done with love, affection and respect for their personality and above all their needs.

I decided to work with children when I was very young, and while I grew up, I confirmed and still confirming every day how right this decision was !!!

A hug and a smile make our world more magical!

I started with a bachelor in Early Childhood Education because of my intention to work with pre-schoolers, but due to my interest in finding ways to maximize the effectiveness of the learning process, I decided to focus on the field of Educational Psychology.

So I proceeded on doing my master’s degree in Deree, The American College of Greece, where all the lessons are in English. In addition to that, I have obtained English proficiency degree from the University of Michigan and I have lived for one year broad, using English as the primary language.

I am enthusiastic about working with children and turn the classroom to a place full of learning experiences through playing, singing and exploring, creating and having fun. My main goal is to help children to succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.

I am 26 years old and I am an early childhood educator. I completed my studies in Ioannina in 2014 and ever since then I have been working in my field.

I am very proud for the publishing of my THESIS under the title: “Using early interventional programmes for children with or without special needs at pre-school age.”

While I was working on it, new horizons opened for me and helped me form a profound knowledge concerning special education.

I was lucky  to know what I wanted to be in my life ever since I was a little girl.  Having my educators as role models during my whole school life,my decision to become one of them was the only way to move on. I still hold their words of encouragement ,love, trust, in my heart , and my goal is to give my children (for, in some way, I consider them mine also,)the same inspiration and love for life and the knowledge that smiling makes us strong, and that good friends make us even stronger.

My basic aim , however,at this very important stage of their lives, is for them to join school every morning with the same smile as mine, with love for learning and playing.

I picked this job because I knew it would make me happy. I knew that my heart would be full of smiles and little voices. As for this irreplaceable feeling,when our children  make their first steps into pre-school world with our encouragement, and one day they are ready to spread their wings into elementary school, there are no words to describe it.

There is nothing more amazing than realizing that you have done the best you could for our children, and now they are ready to move on to the world.

Closing, I will use a phrase from “The little Prince”: “People do not always need advice. Sometimes the only thing they need is a hand to hold on to, an ear to hear them out…and a heart that can understand them”.

This, I believe, gathers all the essence of being an educator.